Best Camping Hammock

How to Find the Best Camping Hammock to Meet Your Needs

Camping with a hammock can be one of the best experiences of your life. Instead of dealing with the complicated instructions that setting up a tent might require you to follow, you can quickly create the foundation of a cozy night of sleep while staying close to nature.

A camping hammock can be one of the best investments you make this year, but it is important to find the correct product so your needs can be met. That way you can stay out of the dirt, have some protection from the elements, and even have some helping stopping those bothersome pests that like to buzz around you.

Here is how you can find the best camping hammock to meet your needs.

#1. Think about the width needed for your new hammock.

Camping hammocks can vary greatly in width. Some may only be 4 feet in width, while others may be close to 9 feet. If you like to sleep solo, then a narrow hammock will be suitable for your next camping trip.

For couples or for those who like some extra room to stretch out, a wider hammock will be necessary.

If the hammock is too wide, however, it will wrap around you as you sleep, creating an enclosed environment that may be bothersome to some.

A good compromise is to find a hammock that is 6-7 feet in width, as this size can accommodate two people or give you the extra room you want.

#2. Check the weight capacity.

Some hammocks have a weight limit that is only 150 pounds. Others can support 500 pounds or more. Make sure that you check on the specifics of your preferred camping hammock before you complete the sale.

Weight capacity is a measurement of static weight. If you use your hammock for other purposes than sleeping, it will have a reduced lifespan.

#3. How much weight are you willing to carry?

Although recreational campers may not be concerned about this key point, backpackers and backcountry trekkers do need to consider the actual weight of the hammock as part of this shopping process. Narrow hammocks tend to be the lightest, with many weighing less than 1 pound.

Heavy-duty hammocks for camping that can support multiple sleepers may weigh several pounds.

The suspension system of the camping hammock will also add to the weight being carried. Expect to add about 1 additional pound for the average suspension system.

#4. Know what the insulation requirements will be.

In most instances, a camping hammock will be made of a breathable nylon. It keeps you cool in the summer, but still provides some insulation for the colder months.

Some hammocks can be made from cotton. These hammocks are more of a casual-use product since they can be heavy and retain moisture.

The best camping hammock will help to support all of your sleeping needs so you can always enjoy the outdoors. With several options available and in-stock, let Tavorland help you find the perfect hammock to meet your needs today.