camping with hammock

Camping with the Hammock in the Desert

When you are thinking about camping, the most favorite locations where you may want to hang out your tree hammock is
somewhere in the middle of a green forest, preferably close to a river from where to fish early in the morning.
However, more adventurous people are always looking for new challenges therefore, camping in the desert
is a very serious option to consider.

However, as usual when it comes to adventures in the middle of the nature, it is very important to seriously prepare
such an expedition, preferably many months in advance. Here are our main tips for a successful camping in the desert.

What you should know

Compared to other geographical landscapes, deserts are a very special category. Extreme variations of temperature,
for instance, with extremely hot levels reached during the day and very cold during the night, are a main feature.
In addition, storms and the lack of sources of water made a trip through the desert more than a challenge,
but can represent a serious life threat, especially if not approached as seriously as possible.

The severe life conditions in the desert make life impossible the thus, it is very important to keep in mind
before you are ready to pack your portable hammock and embark on this adventure that you might find seldom
human presence. Therefore, if you are in a threatening situation you will hardly find any fast help.
Very often, even the modern smart phones cannot do nothing against the overwhelming force of nature,
as it can happen to do not have any network coverage if in the middle of some deserts – particularly in the Middle East.

In conclusion, before you decide where will be your next destination for your outdoor hammock,
you better start by doing serious homeworks, covering extensively the area where you are supposed to go and especially
the main threats and challenges you can expect. Most importantly, avoid spontaneous decisions and take as much time
as possible for preparing properly.

In the next section we will guide you step-by-step through the best stages of the preparation.

The steps for a successful camping trip

Besides the proper documentation – such as the specificities of the area in terms of weather and expected natural
phenomenon such as storms, the best time of the year for a camping adventure – it is equally important that you try
to get in touch with people that previously visited the same area. Especially in Africa and in some places in the Middle East,
there could be high-level alerts and travel warnings and therefore, if you want to have a successful adventure
but without risking your life, it is important to know all the cultural and political details that may be involved.
The open discussion with other travellers can be useful also from the point of view of the best tools to carry on – for instance,
if you should buy a hammock with stand or a rope hammock – and the experiences on the ground,
such as the natural habitat – eventually animals that you can expect during the night, best season of the year for camping etc.

  • Training, training, training As in the case of any outing in the middle of the nature, either for a couple of hours
    or for days or even weeks, you should be in your best physical shape. Particularly when it comes to the special
    conditions in the desert, it is very important that you are healthy enough to cope with long exposure to the sun
    and dramatic temperature variations. If necessary, visit a doctor for a general checking and eventually the proper
    medical recommendations. For some places, vaccinations may be necessary and therefore, you should be properly
    prepared for a special exposure.

In addition to this, keep in mind to keep yourself fit, either by regular jogging, biking or fitness training.
Smoking and drinking aren’t a good match for the life of a camper, thus you better try giving up such toxic habits that may
create serious problems during the camping.

  • Take your time The idea of a camping in the desert sounds very exciting, especially for first timers,
    not necessarily aware of the physical challenges. However, if you are not experienced, the best advice the specialists
    offer is to take as much time as possible until you will be perfectly fit. You can start with a regular nature camping and
    some mountain climbing and the list can continue until you feel that you can cope with extreme natural conditions.
    The more time you take for the training the better.
  • Use a special vehicle A high-end 4×4, fit for making its way through the dunes of sand without difficulty is the
    recommended vehicle for carrying you and your hammock on the way to your camping under the desert stars.
    A throughout checking before the trip is compulsory, in order to know for sure that you will have the best safety
    conditions for a successful trip.
  • A long list of supplies First and foremost, water is one of the most important commodity to carry with you while
    on a camping adventure in the desert. The more the better, as especially during the day, the heat can be so high
    that you can easily encounter the risk of dehydration. Be sure that you have enough water for the duration of your stay
    and a couple of bottles more. In addition, you should carry with you fresh fruits and vegetables, less sweets and no alcohol at all.
    Be sure that you also checked seriously your hammock.

As you can see, a camping adventure in the desert is not an easy task, but if you take this experience seriously
and you do as much preparation as necessary, your experience will be unforgettable and successful.
After all, stars gazing in the middle of the quiet desert is an unique experience and every adventurous traveler deserves
to live such a story, at least once in his or her lifetime.