Hammock Straps for Trees

Our high-quality hammock straps are designed to fit around any tree size securely and easily.
With a generous 16 loops per strap for optimal adjustment, you get more flexibility and fewer
limitations when it comes to finding a suitable place to hang your hammock.

Each loop is triple-stitched for added durability and strength. Made of hard-wearing,
non-stretch polyester webbing, they ensure your hammock stays securely in place every time,
giving you total peace of mind while you enjoy your rest.

You will get:
– 2 one-inch wide TRIPLE-STITCHED POLYESTER WEBBING straps, each measuring 10 feet,
with a weight load capacity of 200 lbs, making a total of 400 lbs per set.
– 2 rustproof, heavy-duty aluminum SNAP GATE CARABINERS, rated 5 kN for a maximum load
bearing of 1100 lbs each.
– COMPLIMENTARY DRAW-STRING BAG measuring 8” x 4” for easy retrieval of your
hammock tree straps and carabiners, with a combined weight of approx. 14 oz (420g).
– LIFETIME WARRANTY against any manufacturer defects or wear-and-tear under normal use.