How to hang Tavorland hammock

Tavorlands double person’s portable hammock has been uniquely designed to give you not only comfort
during your camping, picnic trips and other outdoor activities, but also added security with its revolutionary
triple interlocking stitching that allows a weight capacity of up to 400lbs,
giving you not only a good night’s sleep, but added peace of mind as you spend a night underneath the stars!

This heavy-duty camping hammock has a range of benefits making it suitable for a variety of activities
whatever the weather, not forgetting the fact that it is made using ECO friendly 210T breathable nylon fabric
that is available in an assortment of colours, which also happens to be the same material used to make parachutes!
Not only that, Tavorlands tree straps also feature 16 loops, combining a total of 32 anchor points.

Both compact and durable this hammock is easy to install, making it a great backpacking hammock
to take along with you on your many adventures, regardless of whether you are a novice or a pro!

Here’s how you get started:

We always recommend that before each installation of the hammock and upon receiving the hammock,
that you do a thorough check to ensure that both the hammock and the tree straps are free from any tears prior to use.

Following on from that, once you have located 2 sturdy tree points to secure the hammock
from that should also be 13-16ft apart, you need to ensure that you are able to tie our heavy duty tree straps
at least 6ft up from the ground in order to begin!

Using carabiners on each side, you should then go on to secure the hammock using the 16 loops
and 32 combining anchor points. In order to know where to secure them and which loops to use,
you need to ensure that the hammock itself is 15 inches from the ground
in order to avoid serious injury, plus allow ease of use. Using the tree straps and loops adjust
the hammock accordingly until it is in the correct position – that’s it, the hammock is now ready to use!

How to get into the hammock?

Now that the hammock has been installed, it’s time to sit back and relax! We have a simple 4-point system
that we recommend here at Tavorland.

  1. Stand with your back facing the hammock, and using both hands grab the side of the hammock that is closest to you.
  1. Then holding the hammock down, lift your body up into the centre of the hammock.
  1. Now that you are in the centre of the hammock hold both sides, before going on to lift and then swing your legs into the hammock.
  1. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

If you are interested in our double person’s portable hammock, or would like to see our complete collection
of hammocks for sale, as well as other complimentary products then please view our latest collections at Amazon.

How to hang hammock

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